-  İctimai iştirakçılığın gücləndirilməsinə dair tövsiyələr sənədi, 2022.

-  Development perspectives of Azerbaijan’s innovation ecosystem in the context of economic reforms, 2020.

-  Assessing legislative acts and normative documents governing business activity in the area of public procurement, export and investment promotion, privatization of state property and develop recommendations for improving compliance with transparency requirements, 2019.

-  Analyzing international experience on beneficial ownership disclosure and developing recommendations on the use of best practices in Azerbaijan, 2018.

-  Agritourism Cluster Model for Rural Territorial Development, 2017.

 - Comparative analysis of the legal framework regulating the activity of non-profits: Azerbaijan and the international experience, 2016.

 - Adapting Workforce Development to Changing Labour Market Needs, 2016.

 - Developing Enabling Environment for Entrepreneurial Growth, 2015.

 - Improving Public Sector through Practice of Good Governance, 2015.

 - Reality Check: Environmental Consequences of the Caspian Sea Region, 2014.

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