Socio-economic development priorities for 2030 approved

President Ilham Aliyev has today signed an order on the approval of "Azerbaijan 2030: National Priorities for Socio-Economic Development." Azerbaijan 2030 includes the following five socio-economic priorities to be implemented in the next decade:

- steadily growing competitive economy;
- a dynamic, inclusive society based on social justice;
- competitive human capital and the space for modern innovations;
- great return to the territories liberated from occupation;
- clean environment and "green growth" country.

The above-mentioned national priorities are also of particular importance for the implementation of the commitments arising from the United Nations Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall prepare within nine months the draft "Strategy of socio-economic development in 2021-2025" in accordance with the National Priorities and submit it to the President.

When preparing the draft "Strategy of socio-economic development in 2021-2025," the Cabinet of Ministers shall ensure effective cooperation with leading international organizations and specialized consulting companies as well as the involvement of relevant state bodies (institutions), scientific organizations, specialists and civil society institutions. The Cabinet of Ministers shall also inform the President once a year about the work done to implement the National Priorities and resolve other issues arising from this Order.

The relevant state bodies (institutions) shall take necessary measures to fulfill the tasks arising from the national priorities.

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