PESI renders the following services:

Advisory and business support
-   Investigate business opportunities and support potential clients in search for business partners;
-   Provide business development services;
-   Render services on corporate governance, risk management and credit development;
-   Highlight sound economic and environmental technologies and business practices;

-   Undertake financial literacy and consumer protection;
-   Provide information analysis and resources;
-   Carry out career counselling and coaching;
-   Offer market-based approaches to social and economic development initiatives;

-   Undertake quantitative and qualitative research;
-   Carry out market analysis, survey, in-depth interviews, focus groups;
-   Conduct policy research, feasibility study and impact assessment;
-   Advance practical ideas on public policy issues and shape fresh policy approaches;

-   Develop and deliver training and capacity building programs;
-   Undertake career guidance and counseling;
-   Deliver personnel and human resource management;
-   Provide mentoring.

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What is the challenge of greening the economy in Azerbaijan?

need to adjust regulatory framework to promote green policies - 20.9%
low level of environmental awareness - 4.7%
insufficient incentives for green products and services - 11.6%
poor access to finance for environmental actions - 14%
no idea - 48.8%

Total votes: 43
The voting for this poll has ended on: 31 Jul 2021 - 00:00