Bending the curve: soft skills for employability and career success

PESI has come up with the initiative "English for Employability" to help young people improve communication skills for employment and workplace success.

Nowadays, a large percentage of young people preparing to enter the workforce are lacking soft skills. Our recent research has revealed that employers face difficulties in finding workers with the adequate level of soft skills, especially foreign languages, communication ability, information and communication technologies, critical thinking and entrepreneurial trait. The respondents surveyed during the research identified the lifelong competencies as key to success while job search and career path. The findings also suggest that the development or availability of soft skills is critical not only in facilitating transition from work to school, but also for career progression.

Given the increasing prominence of soft skills for the future workplace, PESI has started a distance English language education under the motto "English for Employability" to help young people find jobs and navigate in an ever-shifting job market. The course aims at developing and improving English communication skills with the online learning content focusing on career pursuit and professional growth. The lessons envisage enhancing vocabulary, applying phrases and grammatical structures accurately, whereas business topics and specially designed tasks help support learning.

The course is earmarked for young job seekers who are interested in developing English language skills for employability. It is also designed for workers to improve and practise communication skills important for career success.

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