PESI helps build capacity of local startups

On 14-15 October 2015, PESI organized a training course for local startups to develop their creative capacity and help them turn ideas into a business.

The training provided a range of hands-on lectures and conceptual sessions dealing with operations and management, leadership, growth strategy, marketing and sales, fundraising, pitching, connecting with investors, pricing products and services, etc. The lively and interactive training program with a combination of presentations and case studies challenged the young entrepreneurs to learn best business practices and share their skills.

The training participants gained best practices and deepened their knowledge and understanding of successful business models and operations through business process benchmarking. The training exposed the young entrepreneurs to knowledge and tools on how to transfer innovative ideas into further commercial action, and deepened their understanding of successful business models as well as creative ways of ensuring investment for business projects.

The course was delivered by PESI experts and attended by a group of 10 startup representatives.

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