PESI introduces its Sustainability Policy

Partnership for Economic and Social Initiatives introduces its Sustainability Policy, making commitment to continually improve integration of sustainability into its working environment and business operation.

The sustainability strategy, approved by PESI Executive Board, features guiding principles and practices towards all areas of sustainability, including driving of innovation, workforce development, promoting of socially responsible procurement, assessment and reduction of environmental impacts associated with its activities and products, the improvement of resource efficiency, reuse and recycling.

PESI aims to follow and promote good sustainability practices, reduce environmental impact of all its activities. "Sustainability aspects are among our highest priorities and objectives, and they are integrated into all workplace activities and business decisions. Raising awareness of sustainability issues is the key to success of our objectives, and we make every effort to ensure the communication of sustainable development targets, engaging of staff at all levels in contributing towards achieving these targets," says Executive Director Farid Malikov.

PESI will periodically review the effectiveness of its sustainability policy and initiatives, and seek continually improve against its sustainability goals to create value for its stakeholders.

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