PESI Representative Attends Partnership for Skills Matching Conference

PESI Board Member Farid Malikov partook in the Regional Conference on the topic of Partnership for Meeting Skills Demand in Changing Economies, held in Brussels 25 October 2013.

The main objective of the conference was to share a common use and understanding for the concept of partnership for skills on labour market and social policies and to identify the future regional policy dialogue on partnerships for skills matching.

During the event, meeting participants debated in the working group important issues such as balance between core and technical skills, including their development in education and training system, promotion of entrepreneurship competence and entrepreneurial mindsets in learning, anticipation of core and technical skills for future jobs as well as role of partners in skills need identification and development, including policy frameworks defining the role of actors and their participation in the process, main barriers in building active networks for skills development and solutions to address them. In general, the discussions were beneficial for all stakeholders in terms of guiding their future actions to provide support for the inclusive socio-economic development of the Eastern Partners.

The conference was organized by the European Commission together with the European Training Foundation, and attended by public and private sector representatives from EaP countries and EU member states.

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