PESI Representative Attends Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Lab

PESI Board Member Farid Malikov attended the Laboratory on Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship held in Batumi 12-13 September 2013.

The purpose of the laboratory was to improve access to knowledge and information of policy makers in the field of skills for self-employment and entrepreneurship in the Eastern Partnership region by facilitating the policy dialogue between professional business support providers, the academic and business communities at a national and transnational level, transferring EU and partner countries' best practices and know-how, sharing country experiences and building regional networks for cooperation to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship.  

During the laboratory, participants shared and exchanged policy approaches and experiential practices supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship both at the European and national levels, discussed actions and measures improving the quality of skills support services for business plan preparation, information and mentoring on management practices, brokerage on finance and credit facilities and local support programs, access to training, consulting and skill improvement as well as debated policy options and perspectives for the future transition from education to self-employment or entrepreneurship practice and the workplace.

Farid Malikov took part in the brainstorming session that discussed concrete ideas and comprehensive models supporting business start-ups and best practices to harness the potential for future entrepreneurship development policies. 

It should be noted that the event was organized by the European Commission together with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia as well as the European Training Foundation and attended by public and private sector representatives from EaP countries and EU member states.

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