PESI Representative Speaks at Laboratory on Sector Skills Anticipation

PESI Board Member Farid Malikov attended the Laboratory on Social Partnership for Matching Skills with Jobs organized by the European Commission, ETF and ANQEP in Lisbon 18-19 April, 2013.

The laboratory aimed at discussing approaches and potential actions for better skills matching practices in EU and Eastern Partnership countries and in particular seeking for options to better involve social partners in the policy dialogue and implementation. In addition it addressed the role of other stakeholders, assessment of methodological tools, their relevance for the Eastern Partnership countries, as well as skills matching actions and capacity building needs.

Farid spoke about the challenges, role and opportunities for social partnership in the context of crises. In his speech, Farid linked the dynamic growth in the economy with strategic development of human resources framed by a well-coordinated labour market between the state and enterprises, and touched upon the provision of favorable condition at the national levels for well-functioning and long-term sustainability of sector committees in meeting the needs of economy and improving labour market performances for the future. He concluded his speech by stressing necessity of encouraging a culture of social partnership through skills development, improved access to information and facilitated sectoral cooperation for strengthening the competitiveness of economy.

Attended by social partners, sector representatives and relevant government agencies from the Eastern Partnership countries, representatives and experts from the EU Member States, the European Commission (DG Employment), the ETF and the ILO, the laboratory provided a concrete opportunity for participants to share main findings of their experience, the difficulties encountered and solutions found to match skills with jobs, and to exchange ideas on the use of EU tools and policies as a source of inspiration and benchmarking for national sector skills anticipation development. 

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