VET curriculum incorporates competences for lifelong learning

On March 11, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on the approval of the state standards of vocational education.

The state standards of vocational education level define the content of vocational education, its management, material and technical basis, training facilities, infrastructure, quality indicators of teaching staff in vocational education, level of learner's knowledge, skills and habits at every vocational education level.

Updated every 5 year, the state standards are applicable to all vocational education institutions in Azerbaijan and are assumed as a basis when developing and applying general content standards by specialties, rules of content acquisition and the curricula in the field of vocational education.

Training at vocational education level is carried out on the basis of result-oriented, competency-based and modular curricula in Azerbaijan. The content of vocational education ensures that learners possess key competencies for lifelong learning through the modules such as communication in mother and a foreign language, mathematical competence, information technologies, professional ethics, entrepreneurship, personal development and career planning as well as aesthetics and cultural expression.

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